Community Members Help Local HVAC Company Collect Holiday Cards

PLEASANT VALLEY, N.Y. (Dec. 15, 2014) – Community members helped local HVAC company, of the Mid-Hudson Valley, collect holiday cards for their annual Holiday Cards for Our Troops drive.

Customers, community members, school children and business associates wrote and sent in to of the Mid-Hudson Valley more than 750 cards to send to troops stationed overseas during the holiday season.

“The Holiday Cards for Our Troops drive is a great way for the community to be involved in showing support to our troops. It is also a way to bring some holiday cheer to our troops during their time away from home,” said Andrea Serra, of of the Mid-Hudson Valley. “We just wanted to thank everyone who donated cards.”

The Holiday Cards for Our Troops drive is an annual event that of the Mid-Hudson Valley participates in to show support for American soldiers during the Christmas season and is part of a larger effort, Christmas Cards for our Troops, led by Melody Burns of Glenmont, N.Y. Community response to this event continues to grow every year.

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