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Ronald McDonald House Charities

Our AC & Heater Repair Experts Give Back to Our Communities® is proud to partner with Ronald McDonald House Charities in serving local children in our communities. We have a long history of giving back to our friends, neighbors, and communities. As you support our business, we are thankful for the opportunity to support those in our communities who need a little extra care and compassion. Ronald McDonald House Charities is an organization we deeply believe in.

How Do We Give Back? believes in high integrity business, acting on principles such as:

  • Honesty
  • Cleanliness
  • Punctuality
  • Respect for you, your family, and your home
  • Friendliness and courtesy

In other words, we treat you the way we would want to be treated, and we treat your home as if it were our own. This commitment to excellence spills over into our commitment to giving our time and resources back into our community. We are proud to partner with Ronald McDonald House Charities and other organizations.

Helping Families Breathe Easy Through a Network of Local Chapters

It's something we see every day: Children finding hope and healing because they are surrounded by their families. And while Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) may not be able to make the medicine taste better or erase the pain of a much-needed treatment, we can help lessen the burden for more than seven million families each and every year.

Since 1974, our network of local chapters has been making children happier and healthier by keeping families together‚ giving them a place to rest and refresh: a place that feels like home. These programs, tailored to meet the urgent needs of each community, can now be found in 58 countries and regions across the globe.

Visit Ronald McDonald House Charities® website for more information about this organization.

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